Save Rideau High


The Friends of Rideau High School are petitioning the Ontario Ministry of Education for an Administrative Review of the accommodation review process undertaken by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for the following schools: Rideau High School, Gloucester High School and Colonel By Secondary School.

We are a community group that believes that Rideau High School should remain open to provide a local educational option for our young people. With secondary school dropout rates higher in Vanier, Overbrook and Castle Heights than in other parts of the City of Ottawa, we believe Rideau High School is absolutely essential to improving educational outcomes and increasing the life skills and opportunities of our youth

As petitioners, we believe that the review process that led to the recommended closure for Rideau High School in Ottawa was flawed due to it limited scope, ineffective consultation and outreach, and limited, faulty and, in some cases, missing information and analysis to inform consultation and decision-making.


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Our analysis found that the Board did not conduct a meaningful consultation, as it did not provide fair and reasonable opportunities for substantive and public consideration of any option but the one recommended by Board Staff: to close Rideau High School.

Consequently, Friends of Rideau High School are advocating for the Ministry of Education to appoint an independent facilitator to review the Board’s accommodation review process.

The Friends of Rideau High School is a joint partnership between the Overbrook Community Association, the Vanier Community Association and Pro-Active Education for All Children’s Enrichment (PEACE) organization, and represents scores of community activists and thousands of neighbourhood residents.

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